Cold Chain Equipment
Cold Chain Equipment WHO Approved includes water packs, freezers, refrigerators, temperature monitoring devices and insulated containers. It is designed for maintaining a desired low temperature range. This equipment provides longer service life and reliability.
Hand Pumps
Hand Pumps are manually operated in order to move water or air from one place to another efficiently. They find their applications in various marine, irrigation, leisure and industrial activities. 
Ice Packs
Ice Packs are applicable in various hospitals, homes, pharmaceuticals and nursing homes for relieving the pain cause due to injury. These are also eminent in reducing swelling as well as bruising that are originated after operation. 
UPVC Pipes
UPVC Pipes are used for plumbing and transmitting drinking water. These are fabricated by using  unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which enable them to withstand high temperature and provide durability, corrosion resistance and more.

Treadle Pumps
Mild steel made Treadle Pumps are considered as reliable water lifting solutions for areas where water level is high. These irrigation equipments are equipped with foot controlled bamboo switches. We offer these pumping solutions with necessary spare parts. These have up to 100 l/hour flow rate.

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