HDPE Ice Pack

HDPE Ice Pack

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Product Description

We are dealing in top-quality HDPE Ice Pack, which deliver excellent performance. It has advanced resistance to compression as well as breakage. This pack has advanced resilience and high stability. It can perform well in the occurrence of rupture. HDPE Ice Pack is safe from buckling and is used to keep the temperature-sensitive products safe while they are on transmit. HDPE Ice Pack has a flexible construction and a sturdy construction. This is quite well for cold storage transportation and storage.  

HDPE Ice Pack Technical Details:

External Dimension

161 x 89 x 31.5 mm





Weight Filled

363 gms

Weight Empty

77 gms

Water Content

0.285 Litre

Nominal Capacity

0.3 Litre



 FAQs of HDPE Ice Pack:

How long ice packs stay frozen?

Ice packs can keep going for long spans, considering that it is set inside a very much protected compartment. At states of ideal protection, an ice gel pack will go on around 24-36 hours. Then again, at room temperature, an Ice Gel Pack will just last 2-3 hours.

How frequently might you at any point reuse ice packs?

In the event that it is an expendable ice pack, it cannot be reused.

Will ice packs cause harm?

On the off chance that openness to serious virus causes skin harm, it is called an ice consume or frostbite. Investing energy in frosty temperatures or coming into contact with something very chilly, for example, ice 3D shapes or an ice pack, can harm the skin tissue and cause an ice consume.

Will ice packs go straightforwardly on skin?

You can get frostbite from an icepack. The frigid temperature of water is 32degree F, at the same time, by and large, frozen things are generally a lot colder. For that reason it is prescribed not to set any frozen things straightforwardly against the skin. Icepacks and other cooler things put straightforwardly against the skin can cause frostbite in minutes.

Do ice packs forestall mending?

Cold treatment has been utilized consistently as a prompt treatment to initiate absense of pain following intense delicate tissue wounds, in any case, a drawn out ice application has demonstrated to defer the beginning of the recuperating and extend the recuperation cycle. 

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