Stainless Steel Hand Pump

Stainless Steel Hand Pump

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Stainless Steels Hand Pumps we deal in are the manually operated pumps, offered with high working efficiency. These take less human power and are proffered with high mechanical advantage. The pumps are needed to move fluids as well as air from one spot to another. Stainless Steels Hand Pumps we deal in are widely suited to many industries. These are apt for a wide variety of marine, irrigation, industrial, and leisure activities. Primary advantage of these pumps is that they are most economical and simple solutions that offer collective supply of drinking water. They can be used in both suburban environments and rural areas. 

We are manufacturer & Exporter of Stainless Steels Hand Pumps mainly in  Angola Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Chad Congo Congo Ethiopia Ghana Guinea Kenya Liberia Madagascar Malawi Mal Mozambique Niger Nigeria Rwanda Senegal Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa South Sudan Sudan Tanzania Togo Uganda Zambia Sri lanka New Guinea Conakry  Cameron etc . 

Stainless Steel Hand Pump Technical Details:

Body Material

Stainless Steel


Hand Pump

Installation/After Sales Service


Automation Grade



20-25 LPH

Operating Depth

28-35 m

We export to Nigeria, Uganda, Netherlands and Burkina Faso.


FAQs of Stainless Steels Hand Pumps:

How long does a hand siphon well last?

With appropriate well support, your well siphon can keep going, on normal of 8 to 15 years, however numerous mortgage holders report their siphons enduring far longer, frequently somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 years. Notwithstanding, claiming a home with a well implies that you'll probably need to supplant your well siphon eventually, yet how might you know when now is the ideal time?

Are hand siphons more effective?

An investigation of 60 mothers who experienced engorgement presumed that hand articulation was more viable at easing engorgement than utilizing a manual bosom siphon

Is hand siphon water clean?

Drinking water from hand-siphon fitted borehole sources is thought of as protected and reasonable for human use because of a cleansing property of the dirt.

What is the pH of hand siphon water?

pH esteem in the water test in the went from 7.00 to 7.60 mg/l.

What does a hand water siphon consist of?

The siphon chamber is a 17-long and made of treated steel metal. It comes in two sizes. Most wells, with a static water level higher than 275 feet, a 1.75-inch measurement model is the most widely recognized model. For static levels or lifts between 275 - 325 feet, a 1.5 inch measurement model is utilized. 

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